Green Credentials

For us, being green means a respect for our environment. We are therefore committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our  performance with a commitment to eliminating pollution and waste; minimising the use of natural resources; maximising reuse; recycling and working steadily to reduce our carbon footprint.

In our effort to preserve natural resources, we continue to work towards a reduction in waste generation. To this aim we have implemented the following:

  • A 100% recycling policy on all our plastics, this includes Acrylic, PETG, Polycarbonate, Styrene and PVC
  • Investment in new machines and the implementation of new production techniques enabling us to maximise the most product from the raw material therefore reducing wastage

Energy reduction

As part of our continuing policy to reduce energy consumption the following initiatives have been undertaken:

  • Lighting sensors have been installed in low use traffic areas such as; toilets, stores and corridors 
  • We operate and maintain company vehicles with due regard to environmental issues as far as reasonably practical and encourage the use of alternative means of transport and car sharing
  • Buy local policy - where ever possible supplies of products and services are sourced locally.
  • All of our specialist raw materials are sourced in the UK and Europe. 

It is our priority to encourage our customers, suppliers and all business associates to meet similar standards.  Not only is this sound commercial sense for all, it is also a matter of delivering on our duty of care towards future generations.